In 1999, a group of health professionals, including doctors, decided to find out how to implement natural compound supplements to support the painful and mentally tough treatment that HIV - and cancer patients often go through when they undergo conventional treatment. The result of this project was VITAVIVA, which has ever since been devoted to help sick as healthy people across Europe with its supply of natural supplements. Today, VITAVIVA is based in the Netherlands and is one of Europe's leading online retailers of dietary supplements. Our customers have different needs and count a different range of people who choose to supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals. Sick as healthy we encounter new clients every day, many of them referred to us by therapists, doctors and healers.

VITAVIVA’s main focus is on quality and costumer relations. It is therefore essential for us that our products meet the highest standards for dietary supplements and are amongst the best on the market, both in terms of price and content. We, furthermore, follow the Dutch authorities' legislation on food supplements, and all products on our site are approved in the Netherlands. We are therefore able to sell our products online for private use worldwide. 

 All of VITAVIVA's suppliers have been carefully selected in order to ensure the best quality and safety with respect to the production of our supplements. Our suppliers are cGMP certified ("current Good Manufacturing Practice").

Navigating online can be a jungle, and at Vitaviva we are aware that buying online is a matter of trust.  We have therefore ensured a professional and easy-to-navigate universe where our costumers can feel safe and at peace while visiting our website and shop. If questions should arise about our products, please feel free to contact us - we are always ready to help you both via phone, e-mail and our online chat.

VITAVIVA – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

For most of us health is a private matter, just as we have different definitions of what health is. At VITAVIVA we believe that health is more than nutritional supplements - a good and healthy life is characterized by an overall healthy lifestyle in the shape of good nutrition, exercise as well as good relationships. We believe that access to good health should be for everyone, however, sad as it is, this is often not the case today. VITAVIVA has therefore devoted its time to support various charities that promote health throughout the world.

In 2013, VITAVIVA was the official sponsor of Wilson Tennis Camps in Sweden and Denmark, helping create awareness of the importance of physical activity and its correlation with good health amongst children and youngsters.

VITAVIA is, furthermore, the official sponsor of CASH & ROCKET ON TOUR 2013, raising funds for projects that prevent the high mortality rate caused by AIDS amongst mothers and children in Sierra Leone and Malawi.

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