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  1. 100% Certified Organic Spirulina

    100% Certified Organic Spirulina

    SWR044 , 180 Tablets
    100% vegetarian Most potent and digestible protein source among green foods The ocean's greenest and healthiest organic spirulina
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  2. Activated Charcoal

    Activated Charcoal

    SW1355, 120 Capsules
    This formula delivers an all-natural weapon against occasional mild gas and bloating
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  3. Beta-Sitosterol


    VL525A, 90 Capsules
    Beta-Sitosterol is good for the prostate function and for for the heart.
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  4. BetaRight Beta Glucans

    BetaRight Beta Glucans

    SWU187, 60 Capsules
    Nourishes and stimulates the immune system. Delivers a powerful nutritional boost for the body's natural cellular defenses. Backed by more than 20 years of research.
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  5. Chlorella "Broken Cell Wall"

    Chlorella "Broken Cell Wall"

    SWR006, 360 Tablets
    Chlorella's nutrient content reads like the ingredient list of a multivitamin. It's rich in chlorophyll, essential vitamins and minerals, amino acids, and protein. The broken cell wall formula releases the untapped benefits of chlorella into your system rapidly.
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  6. Cholest Support

    Cholest Support

    VL946B, 120 Capsules
    Although many people are becoming more health conscious about their diets, a healthy cholesterol level remains an issue. Cholest Support is a mixure of policosanol and herbs formulated for just this purpose.
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  7. DIM Complex "Diindolylmethane"

    DIM Complex "Diindolylmethane"

    SWU119, 30 Capsules
    Delivers the goodness of cruciferous vegetables. Each convenient capsule delivers 100 mg of BioDIM. Perfect for men concerned about prostate health and women dealing with midlife changes
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  8. Dimethylglycine "DMG 125"

    Dimethylglycine "DMG 125"

    NWF302, 100 Capsules
    The human body produces DMG in very small amounts and it is used for an efficient transport of oxygen and in supporting the immune system.
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  9. Double Strength Razberi-K Raspberry Ketones

    Double Strength Razberi-K Raspberry Ketones

    SWD076, 60 Capsules
    Razberi-K is the key ingredient featured in many recent weight loss processes. It is particularly popular amongst those seeking natural weight loss solutions, due to preliminary research that has demonstrated that raspberry ketones may hold promise for weight loss by acting via multiple pathways to stimulate fat tissue loss.
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  10. Full-Spectrum Essential Sugars Complex

    Full-Spectrum Essential Sugars Complex

    SWU359, 60 Veg. Capsules
    Delivers all eight essential glyconutrients. Provides support for the immune system and more. Features all-natural sugars from aloe vera.
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